Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports Reviews / Buying Guide 2020

Best Gutter Guards

When I say 80 to 90% of the houses out there, there is a chance that the gutter coverage just might fail you. If you have a very tricky design, have humongous trees, or it’s just huge volume or the design of your roof or roof is too steep or maybe it’s too big.

So there’s always a chance for gutter covers to fail, I’ve removed thousands of thousands

gutter covers in my life. We own the roofing business, and we do install gutter covers. We actually install what we believe is the best. 

Believe me, I am with you, because even though I don’t like cleaning gutters. But, despite this, cleaning gutters is a nasty for many people, but it’s necessary to keep your home safe from rain water to enter your home.

Some other elements such as broken leaves, twigs, and other debris, also clogs can make water overflow from the sides of the gutter. In result, you will damage foundation plantings and compromise the foundation itself. Fortunately, by installing top quality gutter guards you don’t need to climb the walls to clean your gutters.

That’s why we came up with these gutter guard reviews to help you decide. There are various types of gutter guards available on the market. Some can be installed by anyone, even a homeowner, others will require hired professionals to carry out the installation process.

List of Best Gutter Guards Reviews Consumer Reports

The easiest and quickest way to get rid of blocked gutters problem is by getting a gutter guard. So, read gutter guards reviews consumer reports.

  • FlexxPoint Gutter Guard – Gutter Cover System
  • A-M Aluminum 5” Gutter Guard
  • GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard – Gutter Leaf Guard
  • The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard
  • Micro Mesh Gutter Guard – EasyOn Gutter Guard 24
  • LeafsOut Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Guard System
  • E-Z-GUTTER GUARD EZ-Quick-10 Gutter Guard
  • Amerimax Home Products Lock-In Gutter Guard
  • Shur Flo X Leaf Guard Gutter Protector
  • Raptor Gutter Guard | Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh, Contractor-Grade

Types of Gutter Guards

There are different variants of gutter guards available in the market. First one is the reverse curve, second is mesh, and at number three its screen. Each of these types has its own list of benefits. Most of the good gutter guards are made in three-foot to eight-foot lengths, and the widths are designed to cover gutters ranging, which can be from 4 inches to 6 inches wide.

Reverse curve gutter guards

Reverse curve gutter guards are produced using lightweight metal or shaped plastic, and water doesn’t move through them yet rather ludicrous and around a descending bend before dropping into the canal underneath. Leaves and garbage slide directly off the edge and tumble to the ground beneath. So as to work appropriately, the gatekeeper strips ought to be introduced at a similar point as the incline of the rooftop.


  • Functions admirably for keeping keeps and trash separate from the drain, even in vigorously wooded yards.
  • A few brands are accessible in a bunch of hues, including white, almond, and dark.

Things to Look For

  • Less DIY-accommodating than different sorts, reverse curve gutter guards require having the option to join the rear of the gatekeeper at the right edge to the rooftop’s belt (the vertical strip simply over the head of the canal). On the off chance that the edge isn’t right, water can run over the edge, instead of following the opposite bend into the canal. This includes some propelled carpentry aptitudes, and now and then the drain itself should be brought down.
  • Since reverse curve gutter guards introduce over the current guttering, they might be noticeable from the beginning.
  • reverse curve gutter guards are worked to last however they’re more costly than their work and screen partners, running $4 to $6 dollars per direct foot.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Mesh gutter guards are like screen watches, permitting water to go through little gaps while blocking twigs and flotsam and jetsam. The gutter guards are accessible in either plastic or metal work, and they are introduced in three principle ways—by slipping the edge under the main line of shingles, snapping the Mesh gutter guards onto the head of the canal, or connecting a rib to the sash.


  • Easy to install.
  • Blocks even small bits of debris, such as blowing sand, while allowing rain to flow through.
  • Available in a variety of options, from inexpensive plastic frames and lightweight screen-type material to solid metal frames and mesh made from stainless steel.
  • Expect to pay $1.50 to $4.50 per linear foot, depending on quality.

Things To Look For

  • Unstable assortments of fine mesh gutter guards can be torn and harmed by ice development and falling branches.
  • May require incidental cleaning, which could include splashing with a hose, and (alternatively) scouring with a brush if small fallen seeds stop in the fine work openings.

Screen Gutter Guards

These gutter guards highlight a wire or plastic network that is introduced by lifting the base column of rooftop shingles and afterward sliding the edge of the screen underneath so the heaviness of the shingles holds it set up. These are the most straightforward sort of canal gatekeepers to introduce—as a rule no devices are required.


  • Screen gutter guards are an inexpensive option, starting under $1 per linear foot.
  • The screen grid keeps leaves from entering the gutter trough.

Things to Look For

  • Since they’re not screwed down, screen gutter guards might be ousted by high breezes or took free from the shingles by falling branches.
  • Plastic screen watchmen can get fragile after some time and break.
  • Prying up the lower line of shingles to introduce sneak by gutter guards may void some rooftop guarantees. Contact the shingle producer before introducing this kind of drain monitor on the off chance that you have concerns.

Slit Covers

Due to slit cover gutter guards shape, all the dirt is swept away right at edges, due to which only water flows through. However, this gutter guard requires proper and regular cleaning, otherwise it will may work properly.

Metal Screens

Metal screen gutter guards are made using quality steel and aluminum. One can easily install these gutter guards. Moreover, these guards are best suited for large debris. However, these are not that perfect to prevent finer particles.

Brush Inserts/Pipe Cleaner

These are easy to clean gutter guards, thanks to its wire with long spikes.
However, thee gutter guards may let pass tiny particles of debris in sewerage.


Sponge or Foams gutter guards are helpful in keeping the debris away from clogging your home gutter.
But, you need to throw these debris separately to avoid compost and mold. Furthermore, the sponge or foam is a flammable substance, so apply it with care.

Plastic Screens

It looks like a metal screen, but you can easily slide it into small areas where metal screens are difficult to slide. The guard is efficient in protecting against large particles but not suitable for small debris and elements.


In the end, the process of purchasing the best gutter guard review consumer reports can be a little confusing. The main reason for that is as there are so many products in the market, and everyone claims that it is the best. But, we are hopeful that after going through our five best gutter guards’ consumer reports, and other important considerations, you will have any difficulty.

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