Best Electric Bikes Consumer Reports Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Electric Bikes reviews consumer reports

The electric bikes are is a means of transport 12 times less polluting than the car. Able to cover long distances quickly, it offers electric assistance provided by the motor, the battery, and pedaling also. Electric bicycles, city bike, mountain bike or folding bike, choosing the right model is a puzzle. To make it easier for you, below are the best electric bikes reviews consumer reports in 2020.

Best Electric Bikes Reviews Consumer Reports

Below is our list of professionally recommended best electric bikes consumer reports in 2020.

  1. BULLS Cross Street E1 CX
  2. VanMoof Electrified S2 & X2
  3. NAKTO 26″ Electric Bicycle
  4. Cyrusher XF770
  5. ECOTRIC 26″ Fat Tire
  6. ANCHEER Power Plus
  7. Eahora AM100
  8. Swagtron EB-7

How to choose your electric bike?

All over the world, electric bikes are gaining more and more followers. It is expected to sell 2 million electric bikes in 2025 . Fashion, leisure and sport, ecological fiber, practicality or economic logic, the reasons for this plebiscite are diverse. You still have to choose a model suited to your needs.

The type of electric bikes

Choosing an electric bike adapted to your practice and your frequency of use is obvious. You are not going to be cyclocross with a cargo bike! Know the electric city bike represents one pedelec sold out of 3. This means of transport is indeed suitable for urban journeys and for cycling.

After long pitting city bikes against leisure bikes, manufacturers decided to combine the two. This results in the all-road or hybrid bike, a mix between city bike and mountain bike, equipped with a luggage rack and mudguards. The motorized version of the electric bike was not long in coming. It is one of the most popular pedelecs.

The folding electric bicycle competes with the electric scooter for getting around town over short distances, with the additional use of public transport. As for the cargo VAE, it is suitable for transporting heavy loads, which is why many couriers use it. It can also carry children.

The electric mountain bike is aimed at athletes. It comes in several variants: cyclocross, hiking, downhill, freeride and enduro. Or you can choose the speedbike or speedelec , a very fast electric bicycle (over 30 km/h), but prohibited on cycle paths. And recently, the road bike has also gone electric!

The types of electric bike engine

The type of motor can greatly influence the riding comfort of an electric bicycle. This is why we advise you to focus seriously on the engine. Note that all electric bicycle motors have a power limited to 250W.

On most EVs, the motor is located in the crankset. This type of installation favors assistance, pedaling and speed. Despite this, the central motor is not immune to breakdowns, especially if the electrical wiring does not pass through the frame. In addition, the speeds reached encourage the cyclist to go ever faster.

In rare cases, the motor takes place in the hub of the front wheel.The advantage of this installation lies in its simplicity and ease of implementation. A bike equipped with such a motor will be perfect on a relatively flat vertical drop. On the other hand, it will have a lot of difficulty on the climbs and will suffer from slippage at the start. 

Finally, there are electric bicycles equipped with a motor located in the hub of the rear wheel . In this case, the assistance provided is qualified as “all or nothing”. They may well meet your expectations, especially if you want to significantly limit physical exertion.

Electric assistance

Like the engine, ebikes can offer different types of assistance. Cranksets with a force sensor are most often fitted to mid-range and high-end eBikes. They provide progressive assistance and encourage cyclists to exercise at a suitable intensity, to maintain excellent physical shape.

Unlike the pedal force sensor, those pedaling sensor greatly limit the efforts and enable long trips, with many elevation changes, not too tiring. If you ride in the city, opt for a crankset with a pedaling sensor. For versatile use, choose an eBike with a force sensor

Battery performance

The performance of the battery will justify, or not, the purchase of an eBike. Manufacturers generally equip their electric bikes with batteries from 11 to 14 Ah. Logically, the capacity of an accumulator influences its autonomy. However, this is not the only thing to consider when evaluating the performance of a battery.

There are batteries of capacity 400, 500 or 600 Wh, or even more in some electric mountain bikes . The distance to be traveled will condition this capacity. From 5 to 20 km / day, a 400 Wh battery will suffice. Above 20 km / day, opt for at least 500 Wh so as not to break down on the road or recharge too frequently!

Lastly, look at the battery voltage. The latter influences the ability of an eBike to survey the coasts. To be able to easily navigate the streets of your city and cover a greater or lesser distance with each charge, choose a bike with a minimum 11 Ah battery, with 36 V voltage.

The torque and the maximum speed

The torque of an electric bicycle depends on the power of its battery, but also on the torque of its engine. To climb hills with less effort, we recommend a high torque motor. Expressed in Newton-meter, abbreviated Nm, this criterion is always highlighted in the technical data sheet of VAE.

Opt for a torque of 70 Nm or more if you are planning mountain getaways . For city trips, first analyze the characteristics of the streets you use daily, to get an idea of ​​the ideal couple. In general, 50-60 Nm should be sufficient.

Regarding maximum speed, regulations prohibit electrically assisted bicycles from exceeding 20 km / h in urban areas. On track, forest path or during your mountain getaways, you can exceed 40 km / h. Whether for the city or for hiking, your VAE must be equipped with a cruise control.


On an electric bicycle, the motor assistance disappears when the battery is discharged. You will therefore be forced to deploy your forces to pedal and reach your destination. To avoid making significant physical efforts, consider the number of speeds available.

For daily journeys on streets or roads with low gradients, you can choose a bicycle with only one gear. On the other hand, if you have to climb significant hills during your daily travels, choose a bike equipped with a minimum 6-speed derailleur.

For treks, the ideal is to invest in a 21-speed mountain bike. Thus, you can easily cross more or less uneven tracks, even without assistance. As for the transmission, the manufacturers offer you a classic derailleur or an integrated gear hub.

The console

Fixed on the handlebars, the console is an important element to which you must pay special attention. Also called the on-board computer, it must provide information on the pace, the gear engaged, the state of the battery or the distance that can be covered with the assistance of the engine.

In the majority of cases, mid-range and high-end bikes have a touchscreen console that offers the possibility of controlling the lights and the level of assistance with a few clicks. Some also offer Bluetooth connectivity, others include USB ports.

The weight

The ideal weight of an electric bicycle is 20 kg. You will easily find heavier e-bikes on the market, especially e-bikes. Except for sports and leisure, heavy pedelecs should be avoided. Indeed, you will have difficulty pedaling with the strength of your legs alone in the event of a battery problem.

However, a relatively powerful electric bike will quickly gain weight over long distances and steep terrain, thanks to the assistance. But keep in mind that you will need to wear it in certain situations. And to transport it on weekends or on vacation, you will need a towing ball carrier, the roof carrier being prohibited.

The different types of electric bikes

The enthusiasm for the electric bike is such that even road bikes have ended up doing it! Here are the models that you will come across the most.

City Electric Bikes

Size for urban journeys, the city VAE represents a third of electric bikes. It is also the most widely used electric bicycle in Europe, especially in large cities. Its motor and battery provide the necessary assistance to navigate more or less steep slopes without too much effort.

The electric city bike offers unparalleled comfort to cyclists in urban areas. But you guessed it, it’s not really suitable for country getaways. Even less if you take hiking trails!

Benefits :

  • Made for the city
  • Comfortable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Relatively efficient assistance
  • Eligible for certain aid offered by local authorities


  • Unsuitable for the countryside and hiking trails

Who is it for?

The electric bicycle for urban use is the ideal means of transport for city trips. However, despite its powerful electric assistance, it is not comfortable enough for journeys on rough roads.

Electric VTC

It is the most versatile of electric bikes. It offers total freedom, especially for hiking, trekking, daily journeys or walks. With an electric VTC, you can ride on forest trails, asphalt, hiking trails, towpaths, greenways, paved roads and many more.

Handy and comfortable, this type of VAE has most of the time a suspended front fork and also a suspended saddle. Other paraphernalia include the mudguards and the luggage rack. On the other hand, do not take the electric VTC for an ATV! Off-piste, cyclo-cross and downhill prohibited.

Benefits :

  • Can be used in the city and the countryside
  • Able to ride on almost any surface
  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable for daily use as well as occasional use
  • Powerful assistance


  • Will not appeal to daredevils or speed enthusiasts

Who is it for ?

The main advantage of the electric VTC lies in its versatility. No matter what surface you ride on, in town or in the countryside, this type of electric bike will combine comfort and performance.

Folding eBike

The electrically assisted folding bike is available in different models: mountain bike, city bike, mountain bike, cargo bike, etc. Its main advantage lies in its compactness when folded, a must to save space at home, to compensate for the lack of a garage or parking, or even not having to park the bike outside and risk being stolen. .

The folding eBike remains the ideal means of transport for anyone who wants to benefit from the advantages offered by intermodality, but also for those who wish to reduce the ecological impact of their long daily journeys. On the other hand, the battery considerably increases the weight of the folding bike. Good to know if you have to climb the stairs with it!

Benefits :

  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Efficient
  • Adapted to intermodality
  • Available in different models (for city, country, sport, cycle touring, etc.)


  • Maintenance sometimes difficult depending on the components (derailleur, etc.)
  • Even folded up, a folding eBike remains very heavy

Who is it for ?

The electrically assisted folding bicycle is attractive with its compactness and practicality. It is the essential VAE to save space or use different means of transport (metro, train, etc.), during daily trips.

Electric Mountain Bike

This revolutionized mountain biking and made it accessible to as many people as possible. Now any budding cyclist can easily climb hills on a mountain bike, cover long distances and ride at 40 km / h. The geometry of their frame varies according to the practices: hiking, cyclo-cross, freeride, downhill, mountain …

Mid- and high-end E-MTBs typically use a Shimano XT, SLX, or SRAM drivetrain. The brakes are mostly hydraulic discs. And often, the engine delivers more power than an urban eBike. Thus, the electric mountain bike can easily climb significant differences in height and reach a high speed.

Benefits :

  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Quick


  • Not suitable for city trips
  • Usually more expensive than a city bike

Who is it for ?

Do you like to think outside the box? Treat yourself to an electric mountain bike to go fast and far. Powerful, comfortable and fast, this type of eBike will help you navigate the most uneven tracks, with many unevenness.

Cargo Electric Bike

Also known under the name of electric cargo-bike, the electric cargo bike is equipped with a powerful motor that can effectively assist its user, especially on long journeys with many unevenness. Note that there are different models of electrically assisted cargo-bikes: three-wheeler, two-wheeler and longtails.

It is an ideal form of transport to avoid traffic jams while traveling long distances. Nevertheless, it struggles to seduce because of its limited cargo capacity compared to a vehicle. Equipped with a wooden, plastic or metal crate, the cargo VAE carries both goods and children.

Benefits :

  • Large load capacity
  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Stable
  • A must-have bike for professionals, especially craftsmen


  • Bulky
  • Intended primarily for city trips

Who is it for ?

The cargo VAE takes up more space than conventional city VAEs. However, it is an essential means of transport on long journeys with more or less heavy loads. Some models of cargo-bikes can replace small utility vehicles.

Electric Road Bike

The road bike was the last to go electric. However, it did not take long to catch up by offering successful models both aesthetically and in terms of performance. The speed, endurance and ride comfort of electric road bikes is surprising, even among purists.

In addition to allowing better management of efforts, road pedelecs provide longer outings and more distant. The assistance remains proportional to the efforts not to transform the bike into a motorcycle! This type of bike will appeal to beginners, those who resume cycling or cyclists with average physical condition.

Benefits :

  • Contained weight and perfectly balanced electric assistance
  • The most aerodynamic of the VAE
  • To travel very long distances
  • Suitable for beginners and cyclists with average physical condition


  • Very expensive
  • Purists will say it’s cheating!

Who is it for ?

With a relatively modest weight for a VAE and very sophisticated aerodynamics, the electric road bike will allow as many people as possible to ride at very high speed and climb mythical passes. It is also a perfect tool for scrubbing or specific work.

What is the price of an electric bicycle

Entry-level electric bikes

It should be noted that electric bikes are expensive, including at the entry level. For less than 1000 dollars, you will mainly find electric folding bikes. There are also rigid bikes at this price point, but these are rarely a bargain. Count up to $2000 for a reliable and not (too) expensive model.

Mid-range electric bikes

For 2000 to $3000 dollars, you have a good chance of finding a quality ebike. Of course, carbon fiber frames are extremely rare at this price, but the bikes will offer more comfort and performance than at the entry level. City VAE, electric VTC or even electric mountain bike are among the models offered.

High-end electric bikes

From 3,000 dollars, an electric bike will be considered top of the range. Very high-end models start at 6,000 dollars. Sold for 10,000 to 12,000 dollars, the Trek Raill 9.9 is considered one of the most expensive. But without reaching such heights, you should find happiness between $4000 and $7000 .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which electric bike to choose?

A. In our opinion, the best electric bike for most people is the Swagtron EB5 Pro electric mountain bike. The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 1 will be perfect for city trips. If you are looking for an electrically assisted road bike, the ANCHEER Electric Bike is a must have. Finally, the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike is a benchmark in electric mountain biking.

Q. How to choose your electric bike?

A. Many criteria are taken into account when choosing an electric bike: the type of bike you are interested in, the motor, the electric assistance, the battery performance, the torque and speed, the transmission, the console. order and the weight of the eBike.

Q. What are the different types of electric bikes?

A. In the market, there are city pedelecs, folding pedelecs, electric mountain bikes, cargo pedelecs and electric road bikes.

Q. How much does an electric bicycle cost?

A. The prices range from 800 to 12,000 dollars, or even more. Quality models sell for between $1500 and 6000 dollars.

Q. What are the best brands of electric bikes?

NAKTO is an essential brand in the pedelec market. When it comes to electric mountain bikes, Ancheer is number one in the world.

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